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Hi There Toby!

Just dropping you a line about this healing thing. Didnt believe it until I was persuaded to give it a go.
I thought my knee was totally shot. I dislocated it badly years ago and it just kept going on me, the slightest twist would send it out of place - and the pain - indescribable!!
So - a last ditch attempt - didn't want surgery - I came to you.
After only three sessions my knee is amazing ! Ok - so I can't run a marathon yet - but hey ! Who knows !
I immediately relaxed at the first session, I didn't know what to expect - but as you passed your hands over my knee I felt a cold tingling sensation- a bit like immersing in cold water. My eyes were closed - yet I could see flashing red and blue lights! Weird ! I concentrated on them for a while, and was drifting off to sleep when I realised I couldn't feel any pain in my knee. There was a sort of pulling going on - and my knee got warmer - nice warm - not hot. Still tingling. Hey - and I could bend it more easily ! No limping !
An amazing experience from a converted sceptic - I admit - I wasn't convinced before - but now I am converted !!
I am writing this to show others that surgery us not the only option. Do this guys - don't go under the knife !!
All the best Toby, and may you heal many more people !!

Grant Cunningham - Company DIrector


Dear Toby,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know how amazing I feel since having healing from you. I had never heard of energy healing – I had never even tried any type of healing, but I was recommended – so hence I came to you.


I had been experiencing headaches for a while, and nothing I took helped. I never know when a migraine is going to strike – but when they do – I am flat out for hours.

As these headaches were affecting my whole life, I was recommended to try healing. I was sent to you.


As soon as I sat, and closed my eyes as you began, I felt a warm sensation on my neck and in my head. I began to see flashing lights in blue shades. I felt pressure at the top of my head _ as if you were pressing down. The warm sensation increased as the feeling of pressure increased, then, began to cool. As it cooled, the lights stopped and a felt a tremendous feeling of calm. I felt so relaxed, it was amazing !

The time flew by, it only seemed like a few minutes had passed.


That night, I had the best night sleep I can remember for a long time. I have had the odd headache since, but continued healing has helped tremendously, and I am sure they will soon be gone completely.


Samantha Oaks - Interior Designer



I have been going to Toby since September which in itself validates his professionalism and importance in my life.
Since I first started, I have to agree that I am a changed woman which I would not have believed possible.
I knew nothing of Energy Healing and decided to 'give it a go' as a last shot at something that might help my life which was falling apart. (I recently suffered the agony of cancer) and am now going through a painful divorce.
On the very first occasion with Toby, I felt tremendous heat emanating from his hands and knew that something was going on. He warned me that I might feel different and how right he was!
The 'heat' was all my old 'gunk' jumping out of my body - it was like a sledgehammer and the effect was immediate. I found I couldn't wait to visit him and every week I would talk and he would listen before letting me have another 'dose'.
One time I could have sworn that there was a heater placed under the couch - my whole body went hot (and then cold) and after I left knowing that this is really going to work.
Over the months, the 'sledgehammer' has been replaced by a more subtle but still noticeable energy shift as it is now the finer tuning that is taking place.
I have some painful legalities to face but feel so much more confident to be able to do this and it solely due to the time I spent with him. I now have 'the bullet proof' feel of which he spoke where I feel removed from the world around me (in a good way) and know that nothing can get to me, now!

The 'gift' doesn't stop there! Another time, he told me that he felt part of my stomach was missing and that I had a scar above my waist. There was no way he could have known this, so I pointed out that I'd had part of my stomach removed due to cancer and the scar itself began to fade!


We took this further when I wanted to try out the Pranic facial treatment!
On the very first occasion, an age spot that has been by my right eye faded almost completely and has since gone!
The crows feet have noticeably reduced and the lines around my mouth have completely gone!
I have no answer for this but save to say, I don't care why just that 'it' works.
Sharon Chrisman - Jewellry Designer.
I am still visiting him and cannot thank him enough.
I noticed a visible difference in how I felt and how I looked after each treatment. Toby works on pulling out the 'junk' resulting in a more calming, relaxed and lighter state of body and mind. It's an amazing approach with wonderful results.
Suki - Legal Advisor
A friend of mine was seeing Toby for two individual treatments for the stress relief of the body and facial healing.
I went along for a trial session around Christmas 2012 time not really knowing what to expect but it felt amazing for me. I have been seeing Toby every nearly week since
How do I feel? During the treatment I was amazed at the heat energy from Toby's hands, it did feel very relaxing.
As we got deeper into the session I could feel the stress evaporating from my body as thou it was being sucked out...
It left me feeling like a was in the state of floatation which I have only ever felt when I have booked a flotation tank session. (Which felt great but was obviously wet, but too salty, left skin feeling horrible and I had sore eyes)
Also During the treatment with Toby, I have experienced the most amazing colours.
My eyes shut tight all the time I never know what to expect? It's like the Northern lights have entered the room..
Sometimes it's like a misty calming green is surrounding me, then other times flashes of pure bright white light, or blues and purples..
I know I am laying there with a silly smile on my face but I can't help it..
To feel the bad stress lift out of me and replaced by a good energy balance is such a fabulous feeling.
I have had a few issues with life and problems at work and I can truly say stuff bothers me less. I just think oh well, its just stuff.. To have that feeling when stressful issues arise is amazing for me.
People have also commented I look more relaxed and fresher.
I believe it is all down to feeling less stressed and I no longer have the skin rash either I would sometimes get when stressed on my legs, I was too embarrassed before to even got to the gym.
I am very happy I have met Toby, my sessions with him have helped me focus more on my life and shut out all the hectic issues around me that gets in the way of day to day life..
I recommend Toby very much and look forward to my weekly sessions.
Lee Currier - Stylist.

"I've been seeing Toby for weekly treatments for just over two months.

I find the sessions very calming. I've suffered from sciatica for over five years, so we've been working on easing that.

The effects are quite remarkable - I've felt a warmth, tingling sensations and pressure during the sessions.

My pain has eased, I feel energised and calm after each session and sleep soundly.'

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Kate Barlow - Media.


Toby is a wonderful spiritual healer with an immense heart and pure energy. My  healing sessions always brought about a profound state of relaxation and deep meditation as my chakras were realigned to work harmoniously. I often felt tingling sensations in my hands, legs and feet as Toby removed negative vibrations that I'd picked up. These weekly sessions brought forth incredible clarity and equipped me with the energy and foresight I needed during an especially difficult time. I'm very grateful to Toby for all his help!
Jeannine - Model.
Throughout my journey of energy healing I had vivid and striking visions. I saw my late father and conversed with him. My partner and I in years to come, laughing and smiling on a beach: with a son.

Colour played an interesting role. Having studied jazz piano and attributing colour to mood, I was taken aback by how this was mirrored during the session. These were intense yet comforting like my guardian angel (my late father) was involved and watching over me.

The cleansing of my body was felt eerily vivid. In one session in which it feet as though Toby had reached inside my body and was scooping negative energy out with his hands. Akin to removing water from a sinking ship, in order to maintain its course and afloat.

I went to energy healing as I wanted to tap into my head and emotions in a way that would hopefully help me understand myself better. Ultimately this has worked.

Toby is an excellent practitioner and a thoroughly lovely human being
Chris - Financial Advisor.
Whenever I enter Toby’s room I instantly feel calm. Toby manages to provide a sense of peace, tranquillity and wellbeing - I always leave with a sense of wellness.

Annette - Wedding Planner.
I have been receiving treatment from the delightful Toby on a weekly basis now for over four months.
I would have absolutely no problem referring Toby he is an absolutely lovely man who I have found to be consistently very professional.
I look forward to my weekly session with Toby, I leave the session feeling very empowered & energised.
Upon my very first visit I immediately felt the heat radiating off of Toby's hands. I could at any time tell where his hands were on my back without actually being able to see them. As the sessions progressed I found that the heat coming from his hands kept getting warmer and warmer.
After a few sessions, I then noticed bright flashing colours when I had my eyes closed. Particularity bright blues & reds. At first, I thought I was imagining it, but I happened again and again. One particular session I felt like I was in a nightclub!
My problem areas are my back and also my teeth/jaw. Toby focuses on both of these areas. Upon a session where he was focusing on my teeth. I could have SWORN he had touched my face. When the session ended I had realised that the area in which I thought the had touched was actually the tooth I had had a triple root canal on a few days before. He was unaware of this, but I somehow had a reaction.
I also had quite a severe case of periodontal disease (gum disease) where my gums were constantly bleeding. My dentist put me on a course of strong antibiotics on two occasions but unfortunately with no result. After seeing Toby all symptoms and bleeding seem to have disappeared.
When Toby focuses on my face, I feel the heat from his hands is definitely getting stronger. I also feel a weird tugging feeling under my skin, especially in my cheeks and forehead. I leave the session feeling quite taught in the face.
The strongest reaction I get from Toby is when he is pulling the stress out of the soles of my feet. It honestly feels like waves of energy crashing inside my ankles and on the soles of my feet. This is by far the strongest reaction I get.
Most occasions after leaving Toby I feel absolutely freezing. I can't get warm enough but this only lasts about 20 minutes. This is another reaction I consistently have.
I have referred a few friends to Toby now, all who seem very pleased, like me. I really do look forward to our weekly sessions Toby really is a breath of fresh air.
Kind Regards
Eve Francis - Shop Proprietor - fashion.
"Toby was recommended to me when I was going through a very difficult time emotionally. The energy healing sessions were a journey into the unknown and I was unsure of what to expect however after the third session I noticed a distinct shift in my feelings and outlook and I am now feeling emotionally stronger and more able to cope. Toby is very accommodating and empathetic his approach is very warm and welcoming and he made me feel very comfortable. Thank you very much, Toby."

Warmest regards
Sonia xxx
I am a part-time teacher in a pupil Referral unit and at times my work can be very stressful and demanding.

I have attended several sessions with Toby which have been beneficial to me during these stressful periods.
I often see colours during the healing and afterwards feel calmer and I have more energy.
 Sometimes I have had after effects but Toby has explained to me that this is part of the healing progress.
I certainly would this kind of healing.


Edythe Peters - Teacher
I was going through a very emotionally unstable time; major feelings of depression, personality confusion, over thinking to an extreme, panic attacks and the latter. After months of taking medication, nothing helped. Out of hope, I went to see Toby. After the first session I felt elevated, I thought this was just an illusion of happiness that something may work but it wasn't, it genuinely worked. With every session it felt like more and more weight was being taken off my shoulders, I felt more like me, I felt like I could start to think clearly. The therapy helped me feel alive again and helped put my life into perspective. I highly recommend Toby to anyone who is struggling, even if you don't have much faith in this type of procedure, at the end of it, you will.
-Anastasia - Marketing.
I have been having pranic healing sessions with Toby since March this year. I have had very wonderful experiences such as powerful heat, colours, sensations like visualisations during sessions are really good and positive. I like the way Toby senses the charas that he feels he has to give particular attention to during the sessions. During every treatment thus far I am amazed to the way I feel and within myself as the healing just declutters and removes blocked energies. I also have felt like a circular movement of energy from my head to my feet filtering outwards which is very good.
Denise - Theatre Producer.

I didn't know at first what to expect from energy healing, but I was open-minded and willing to give anything a shot.

During my first session, I was surprised to have actually felt physical sensations, even though at no point was there any touching involved whatsoever! The stress and tension that I was holding onto was literally pulled out of me and I left feeling much lighter and freer than I had felt in a long time.
Circumstances in my life began to reflect and support whatever was being unblocked during my healing sessions, everything completely changed, and so fast too (!!) and for the better!
I don't have a great understanding of how this all works, but all I know is that it DOES, and I would never have believed the impact of something that required so little effort on my part if I hadn't tried it.

Facial Testimonials


I have had healing with Toby several times and am amazed how radiant my skin looks and feels!!
the sessions are very relaxing and evoke a sense of peacefulness during and after.
I felt my face tingling and tightening during the therapy session which assured me it was working
I would definitely recommend Tobys work to anyone wanting a lift not only on the face but holistically as well.
Teresa N.H.S. Stroke Assistant.
OH! And the facials...I work as a model and performer, and I was curious to try the pranic facial treatments. In one word... AMAZING.
During the session, there is no touch involved whatsoever, but I felt different gentle sensations of warmth and coolness, and some tugging going on! It works at an entirely different level. My face is instantly brighter, glowing (with loads of compliments!) and interestingly enough, a lot more photogenic. I never tire of photographers marveling at my remarkably photogenic face now! LOL!
And my eyes have a certain glow that was not there before...
I am just stunned that something like this isn't more commonplace, then again, I really had to learn from experiencing this myself that you don't need to go through expensive and sometimes painful beauty treatments to achieve maximum results.
Very happy (and a little bit smug) customer!!
Alexandra - Model.
l have weekly facial and body healing sessions with Toby since last year.
I cannot tell you enough about how amazing these sessions are. I started with a facial, pranic facelift, as a woman in her fifties, I was very curious as to how it would benefit me. I felt a tingly sensation with my first session thereafter there was a pulling and tugging feeling. As this is a no-touch healing, I was totally blown away!!! needless to say, I was hooked. The comments started coming in thick and fast that Iooked 10/15 years younger!!
Also, asthma has been a tyrant for several years and so happy to say that I no longer suffer from it
I recommend pranic healing for all ailments from stress to cosmetic facial lifts. It's safe and a natural way to a healthy lifestyle. Toby is blessed with his healing hands and that's an amazing gift to have.

Linda M - Life Coach.



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