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      Toby Aspin      Energy Healer      Fertility Issues    


Will I ever have a child?  Am I infertile?
If we can’t have children, will my relationship suffer?
What’s my purpose if I can’t be a parent?


Non-Contact Healing has helped cure: 
Anxiety regarding conceiving.
Feeling a lack of control over your life.

Feeling separate from your partner or your relationship has changed.
Feeling depressed/worthless even with a strict exercise regime and excellent nutrition programme.
Feeling you’re not with the right partner? 


"I am barely able to articulate what happened during my session..."

Stacey Duguid - ELLE Magazine.



Toby is a Non-Contact Pranic Practitioner, accredited from I.P.H.M in London, who offers his bespoke treatments to improve overall wellbeing and more recently, with fertility issues.


“He’s the kind of person you could talk to all day” Hayley Hall – Influencer.


I felt a complete sense of calm like someone had physically removed what irked me and my face had a glow - Anthea Turner  -

T.V. Personality.



Toby was discovered in his early twenties by a guru in Manila and trained in the art of healing.


He has treated celebrities, journalists and sceptics over the years as well as many stressed out corporates. 

Non-Contact Healing allows the body to heal itself – it breaks the rules and surprises you.


"He fixed my lower back overnight."



It helped a range of stress-related and physical ailments including wannabe mothers and couples who have issues getting pregnant.



Since Healing is transferable, it goes beyond the physical issues and clears subconscious blocks to help you conceive organically. If you’ve had problems conceiving and would like to know more, then this could be for you.



"Physical and emotional blocks can keep you static. The fear, the panic or negative thoughts that circle in your mind can be lifted using my healing techniques. Physical ailments can be dramatically reduced giving you the way forward you need to feel better." explained Toby.  



Toby invites you to experience a treatment to see for yourself in one of his London based clinics, by appointment only.


Victoria Cordona:   Sheerluxe Magazine - Link.



London Heart Magazine:

Contact me:                        

58 South Molton Street,

London, W1K 5SG


My clients include Soho House members, celebrities and professionals from the fashion and media world.



I have also given talks on how healing/fertility/rejuvenation works in Soho House Dean Street.


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